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One of our best client.
One of our bridal client.

Wedding dress alterations are our expertise. We offer brides professional wedding dress alteration services. Our emphasis on a unique and flawless dress for your special day differentiates us from other seamstresses. We can help you with any alteration of your bridal gown, and our bridal alteration experts will determine what level of alteration you need. Whether you need simple tweaks or complete recycling, we are here.

What kind of alteration do you need? Whether you need to adjust the hem or take in/out the waist and hips, alter the neckline, add sleeves or change the length of the straps, we are here for you. Sew More Couture provides expert bridal alteration services that include bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and groom, fully custom alteration, and other party members. Our qualified team with years of experience makes the brides’ dreams come true and provides tranquility before the wedding. With our endless skills, abilities, and can-do attitudes. Our attention to detail and professional and qualified seamstresses enables us to meet our customers’ needs.


  • Taking In and Reducing Size 

  • Letting Out

  • Adding a Corset

  • Embellishments

  • Restyling

  • Adding Sleeves

  • Reshaping Neckline

  • Shortening/Lengthening Straps

  • Shortening/Lengthening Hems

  • Replace Zippers

  • General Repairs

Wedding Dress Alterations

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